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Sexing your bird

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have all heard about waiting until the bird reaches adulthood and matching the colors of the species yada, yada, yada. well… I do not feel like waiting 18 months until my bird precisely shows its “True Colors”.

How about DNA sexing? well, that is a hassle. but at least it is a lot shorter wait. I mean besides searching for the right online company, waiting for the sampler kits, exposing your bird to loosing too much blood, procrastinating in getting a money order, spending $20-$50, procrastinating in going to the post office (believe it or not most people forget they can get the money order at the post office!). Ok, we’ll finally, eventually get it all done and have a document that states that my bird is a ….

But what do I do in the mean time? I want to know now! what do I do? Am I the only one across this urge/need to know. I mean, I have heard people can die from uncertainty! 🙂

Alright, so much for sensationalism. I have come across the pendulum!. It apears to be that before all this modern age avian sexing methods. Aviculturalists have had the same questions since the beginning of time! They where simply called farmers back then or Joe with the chicken coop and all with the pigeons, but its the same principle. Right?

Ancient bird sexing was made through the use of a pendulum! Simply grab a piece of thread about five inches in length and add a little weight at the bottom like a heavy needle or just take off your necklace and put your ring through it. Hold both ends of the necklace in your hand and let the ring dangle over your hand held bird (bird one hand and pendulum on other hand). Hold the pendulum still and over the head of the bird. If the pendulum swings in a circular motion it is a female and if it swings from side to side it is a male! Don’t ask me I didn’t make it up!

I suggest the three out of five rule 🙂 Just in case. That will hold you up until you get those DNA results over the mail. If you want to see this method in action you can YOUTUBE it [pendulum bird sexing].

As I finish up I will go sex my bird and give you the results. Will see if I can get my nephew to hold the camera.
… (10 minutes later) great! he help out

Pendulum Sexing

And it’s a GIRL!!!

Committed to excellence,

Dr. Firewalker